50+ Things To Do At Home During Winter

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While summer brings happiness to my life, Winter brings snow and rain. Sure, first rain is always very exiting, the smell, the solid excuse to stay home… But after a few times of staying home and being a total bum I’ll get sick of it. I’ll be extremely bored from lack of challenge. 

Personally, being half millennial, half adult? It’s to stop my phone addiction and actually get creative with my time. Nonetheless, I looked for things to fill those freezing days and may have found too many 😉 Now I can’t choose between all the possibilities!

I’ve listed the activities in categories, so if you don’t want to try a DIY, you can continue to winter recipes 🙂 

Organize Your Home

You have all this time to spare, so get motivated and take charge of your home!

Pick Up A New Hobby Or Skill

Every time I see a cool project or a DIY I wish I knew how to do all sort of stuff that I can’t. So winter is a great time to actually learn some of these skills!

 Eat & Drink

If you decided to take on cooking, Consider starting with one of these wonderful winter recipes:

  • Make hot chocolate 
  • Bake an eggnog cake
  • Bake banana bread
    If you’ve just started experimenting with baking, banana bread is the perfect recipe to start with! 
  • Make soup
    Soup is such an easy way to start cooking, most recipes are very simple! Pinterest is filled with amazing ideas.
  • Order food delivery service
    Defiantly one of the easiest ways to master cooking very easily. I order Blue Apron from time to time. They send you the exact measurements you need, so no food goes to waste. In addition, they will send a beautiful card with ingredients pictures and direct instructions.

Enjoy a DIY Project

Small DIY projects are a win-win in this situation: You won’t be bored, and you’ll make your space beautiful! Some of these projects are perfect to keep you warm in a winter wonderland.

winter things to do

Play Computer Games

Even though video games are not for everybody, I believe there’s a game for you somewhere! I love adventure games which makes me think and solve riddles. The second kind I love are simulation games like “the sims” and all the tycoon games. They give the ability to create a world! How is that not pure fun? 


  • Read a novel
  • Read a self improving book 
  • Be a kid again and do a harry potter marathon. 
    I love reading the books but a movie marathon is also wonderful!
  • Read that book that you loved as a movie
  • Binge a new Netflix show 
  • Have a movie night 

All Other Activities

For someone who can’t stand the cold like me, it doesn’t take snow to keep me home. Diverse options of things to do is so important to have on hand so you won’t end up with your phone in your hands.


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