Spray Paint Guide

spray paint guide

After organizing a very messy drawer, it looked a little sad. My friend told me it will look nice if it had a color on the bottom and I agreed. Time for a quick DIY! A quick visit to the store and I had two things that changed it completely, a liner for the bottom and silver spray.

When I organized the drawer I didn’t want to buy expensive compartments and also didn’t want to waste my time on looking for the perfect fit. I used cheap plastic boxes I already had and sprayed them with shiny silver.

Final result

DIY Tips & Tricks: 

This type of work is very simple so as long as you stick with these tips you’ll be good to go:)

  • When using spray paint, cover all of your work space as it will reach much further than you can see. Some of the edges of my floor got a little dirty, you can clean it fairly easily but it’s better to prevent it.
  • Clean the item you’re spaying in advance. Even some dust will harm the final result.
  • Don’t spray too close to your item, it will be very wet and waste a lot of the spray for nothing. 
  • Let each side dry for at least an hour.
  • before using your item, wipe it with a clean and dry towel. A lot of the color will stick to the towel instead to your hands.
I used an old newspaper to cover my work area

You can even get the spray paint from amazon if you’re feeling lazy today 🙂 

I also got a drawer liner in velvet looking light blue color. My mom is already in love with it and want to line all of the drawers. The combination of the light blue on the bottom and also mirroring in the silver boxes is beautiful even though it was so cheap!
This beautiful drawer liner from amazon will be enough for a few drawers and shelves. 

This mini project was so much fun, it’s been a while since I did a DIY and it was worth it. I saved money, time and the result is very cool. 

XOXO, Narkis


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