How To Organize a Miscellaneous Drawer Quickly

organize miscellaneous drawer

It’s about time to organize that space you’re dreading. Yes, That place, You know, that secret place you put stuff you don’t know what to do with in? That one. 
This drawer I organized is the perfect example. Eventually you pile too many things and just lose everything that’s on the bottom or in the back. 

Being extremely busy will easily cause you to lose control with some of the mess in your home, but it’s no excuse. Having that mess causes stress every time you need to find something.
It didn’t take long to organize this space and I highly recommend clearing your secret junk space as well. You will feel a huge difference very soon. 
I organized this space for my mom and she’s super grateful I made her organize all of this! She now knows where everything is and not wasting time looking for items. 

organize mess space drawer
Could you find anything in here?

First, I Took Everything Out.

In order to organize well, I always take this step that I love. Spread everything, all of your items in a larger space. It will make it easier to see what you’re handling with.

Organize One Item At A Time.

The variety of items was overwhelming and since it’s not mine I had no idea what I’m dealing with. I went one by one and saw if each item has a purpose and if it really belongs in the drawer.


Throw away anything that haven’t been in use since you put it in the junk space. Some items probably belong somewhere else, so put them away, don’t put them down. 

Group Items.

When you finished deciding this is home for your items, sort them by categories. You can take inspiration from how I categorized my mom’s objects. 

Use Boxes To Organize.

In order to not have a giant mess again, I designated a clear area for each purpose. Makes everything so much easier and quick to use. There are cool compartments systems for all types of spaces, be creative! once you have everything organize it’s much easier to know how you should store each category. 

Stress free, much better!

I feel so much better now, knowing how relieved I’ll be every time I open this drawer instead of intimidated. 
After the organization I also wanted to make this space look nicer. I added lining to the drawer and silver sprayed the boxes. 
If you’re afraid to tackle and organize your own “junk” spaces, just start! Worst case scenario you’ll stop and put everything back, at least it won’t be any worse. Good luck! 

XOXO, Narkis

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