16 Things To Get Rid of From Your Childhood Room

thing to get rid of

This month I really dedicated myself into organize my home after years of letting things pile up. During the process I’ve realized that some of them I kept only because everybody does. You might never think to throw away birthday cards but you should. In this post I’ll focus on those things so you can keep only what’s necessary or important to you. 
If you are truly serious about decluttering you should start by organize all of your old stuff, these are some of the things I decided I can do without – 

 1. Clothes that don’t fit you.

Not only we all have clothes not are size, we also have some that simply don’t flatter us. If you’re uncomfortable wearing an item and never reach for it, pass it on. It’s important to remember that the money is already spent and you can’t get it back. 

2. Clothes you will never use.

I once bought a sequin dress. Once I mean 7 years ago. It was too expensive at the time and I had no purpose for buying it. I decided to wear it for halloween this year since it will probably be the only scenario I’ll feel comfortable wearing sequins.
As opposed to a dress that doesn’t fit you, some clothes you will simply never use because they’re not you. It’s time to accept it and pass on the item. Give to a friend, donate or use the fabric and alter it. Definitely don’t leave it hanging for another decade.

My sequin dress

3. Shoes

I know, I also have a pair of converse that I’m not sure what the original color was. And I love them. but their time has pass, long long ago. If it’s worn out or out of style and you won’t wear it, why keep it?

4. Organize your bags

If you’re not a student anymore, you don’t need backpacks in all the colors of the rainbow. Choose one and give up the rest. Same goes with all types of bags. 

5. High school notebooks

The main reason I kept my old notebooks was that I loved how they looked and how I decorated them. But eventually I had to accept the fact that they serve no purpose since I finished high school 8 years ago.

6. Study books 

Maybe this is redundant, I guess most already threw their books the minute they finished high school. Maybe I was just lazy… If you can’t sell your books, recycle them. 

7. Year books 

I looked at those only now, when I searched for things to throw away. enough said. 

Year books and journals

8. Organize happy birthday cards

Birthday cards can be lovely, but unnecessary and take up space. I kept the personal ones and threw away the rest. If you can’t decide, you can take a picture of it with your phone and then throw it.

9. Stuffed animals

I know, they are soooo cute! But if you’re not extremely attached to them they serve no purpose. Pass them to nephews and move on. Maybe you’ll even get visiting rights. 

My personal collection

10. Toys

If you still have a barbie or a ken somewhere, it needs to leave. 

11. Souvenirs

Or in other words – useless, over priced, space taking, tacky stuff you bought abroad. Maybe as adults we make better decisions with souvenirs and only get magnets but as a child probably not.

12. Markers and pens

I’m ashamed to admit that most of my markers and pens were dry and unusable by the time I got to them. It’s fairly quick to sort them from the ones that do work. Don’t be lazy and just do it. 

I love markers

13. Organize the electric cords

If you also have a bunch of cords hiding in a dark corner of your closet – then you too don’t know what their use is. Chances are you will never need them again and they just take up space.

14. Expired cosmetics

If it’s expired it will probably just harm your skin so don’t keep it until it will grow it’s own life. 

15. Decoration

I don’t know what about you but I had a bunch of fairies hanging off of everything. Most of them lost their colors by now. I would hardly call it decoration but that’s what 16 year old me apparently thought. 

16. Posters

During elementary school my purple walls were covered with my “art” – drawings of Daniel Radcliffe’s name. It’s not exactly posters but it covered my walls so it had to go.

After clearing so much, it’s easier for me to buy even less. You see all the things you never used or gave another thought to and learn to not make the same mistake. Learning how to let go of what we already own helps to let go of materialistic feeling in the future. 
I hope this list helped you to declutter and organize.

XOXO, Narkis

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  1. This is a good list! It is interesting how the high school clothes can stick with you a little too long!

  2. Thanks for sharing! If you aren’t careful, the things from high school life can creep along with you through college. It is good to re-assess at these transition points.

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