New Year’s Resolutions 2018

“people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.” This bill Gates quote really resonates with me when setting goals for this following year. Sometimes I feel that I should try to conquer the world tomorrow. And succeed of course. But that’s impossible even for Bill Gates. In order to really conquer anything, we need goals. And these goals need deadlines, to-do lists, be broken up into a million little tasks and so much more. 
Deciding your goals is very tricky because while you need to feel that you can accomplish anything, you need to know you can’t do everything. It’s important to have specific things you want to accomplish and get all your focus on them. Your goals can go from having success in your career to read a book a month. Whatever you feel will make you go forward.

For me, This will be a year with a fresh new start. 2017 was a handful year, a lot was going on for me. It took me a long time of experimenting what works for me, what I actually want to do. I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons and even when hating a situation, I learned how to react better. And for these things I am grateful.

So what are the goals I’m setting for myself? All the regulars of course, but in my own way.

Be More Consistent

I have this problem with not finishing anything. I almost always do 90% of the work and then stops. Sometimes it’s because I’m a perfectionist and I become a little detailed-obsessed and can’t finish because of the feeling it will never be as perfect as I want it to be. But most times, I get bored or over the project and just leave it. I got super passionate about this blog for example and then found myself ignoring technical tasks because they weren’t fun and I wasn’t focused. 

I used to be so self-disciplined. I was terrific at studying because I could stay concentrated for so long. I didn’t need school to be able to learn. And I LOVED learning! But smartphones came to my life, (Although I tried to resist them for so long, refusing to get an iPhone) and there went my ability to focus. 

This year I want to actually finish all the projects I choose to take on! This ties in with my point from before – don’t take too much to start with. 2018 is the year I’ll start being completely aware of my consistency problem and really make myself work harder.  

Get Out of My Comfort Zone

I’m a person of comfort and known habits. It’s the easiest way to live! Living in Vegas seems so crazy to most people. They imagine partying and gambling all day and night long. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Besides hating gambling, (I can’t lose a dollar without getting annoyed lol) I’m that person who’s in bed by 10. tops. But there are so many other things to do here! And I just don’t, because it’s so convenient to stay home! 

I want to explore so much more this year. I’m already making plans to hike the beautiful mountains surrounding this desert oasis.

Be Happier & Grateful

As I said before, 2017 was a handful. Still, a lot of the problem was my reaction to it. I just couldn’t decide to be happy with what I had. No matter what, I couldn’t make a real decision and I just let life take me instead of taking charge of it. 

Time passed and I had no idea where it went. I wasn’t focusing on what’s important and on all that I have. I was aware to everything that I had, but I didn’t use that knowledge to be grateful. 

Not long ago I decided to not let small stuff get to me anymore. They’re not worth it comparing to everything else I have. 

tulips flowers

Trackable Goals: 

Health & Fitness

Regarding my problem with inconsistency, I have a tendency of working out hard and then stop completely all winter… 

This year I’m not going to stop. I want to stop make excuses for myself: It’s hard to work out when traveling, I’m working, I’m not feeling at my best (everyday for 2 months haha…) 

Waste Less Time

Spending hours on social media or binge watch friends for the tenth time is a complete waste of time.
Nowadays our trigger levels are so low, we scroll through dozens of images a minute and keep needing more and more.
This is defiantly trackable and we should track these things with specific time slots and limitations. 

Reach my blog goals

When I started this I wasn’t sure what this is for… But I realized that in order to find out, I have to set very specific goals and do my best to achieve them. 

Get better at graphic design

I started using photoshop when I was about 11 years old and loved it ever since. I had some professional classes at UNLV but there’s always more to learn. I currently take online classes at and love them. This year I want to get better at illustrator. another design software who lets you create pretty much anything. 

Read more

I’m at that point in my life where I just re-read Harry Potter again and again. I can’t help it, the nostalgic feel is addictive. But I want to read more books this year. Especially since with time, living abroad makes me less articulate in my own language.
I would also love to read more books in english. 

I know these resolutions aren’t anything new. But there’s a reason for that… We all experience similar things in our lives. Yes there’s a million more small things that I want to accomplish and do this year, but these are the big plants to plant first. 

This post is obviously a more personal post then me trying to help and solve a problem… But it’s always nice to know you’re not alone, others go through the same struggles. Through the same mistakes and failures… We can all learn from each other, I know I have.

I would love for you to share with me what are your new year’s resolution! 


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