How To Maintain a Minimalist Wardrobe

Loving clothes and wanting to feel great doesn’t have to clash with having a minimalist wardrobe. After I’ve gotten tired from that feeling of “having nothing to wear” and hating everything I have, I’ve learned how to approach clothes from a different perspective. I don’t feel like I’m compromising at all.
You can easily change how you feel about your wardrobe, the way you shop and the way you treat what you bought.

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What Is a Minimalist Wardrobe?

Minimalism can sound very intimidating, so a minimalist wardrobe for someone who loves clothes basically comes off as a nightmare. But having a minimalist wardrobe doesn’t mean you have little and limited clothes. I defiantly don’t wear the same clothes for work, brunch, dates, and everywhere else.

Personally, I have a capsule wardrobe of basics and I have a capsule wardrobe for occasions. Meaning I have extra items that fit certain occasions and I would not call them basic. For example, a dress that you wear in the evening but definitely won’t wear to work or to the groceries.

A capsule wardrobe is having specific clothes that all fit each other, fit every occasion and are of quality.

Building a capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be immediate, there’s no reason to spend a bunch of money at once to buy all the basics. You should plan in advance and adjust ideas to your own style.

You can look for your own inspiration for capsule wardrobe on google, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and more.

How To Declutter?

The first step to any change is to declutter. In order to maintain a minimalist wardrobe you have to evaluate what you have that you don’t need. 

I have a few basic steps for a simple decluttering process that you should go through. It’s basically questions that you should ask yourself for each and every item you own.

Go through this process for each item, and force yourself to answer all the questions before you just assume that you can’t live without the rainbow-colored fuzzy sweater that you bought 10 years ago and is stretched out.

Pro tip: I suggest putting a timer for a short time and stop when it stops. If you go through everything you own in one sitting, you’ll probably be miserable and desperate to finish. I set a timer for 30 minutes when I declutter and that way I don’t have to face all the mess.

Would you buy it from the store right now?

Very simple question: if you feel that there’s no way you would spend your money again on a specific item, you shouldn’t hold on to it. No matter how much you DID spend already. It takes up space, it makes you feel guilty, thus not allowing you to replace it with something you actually want and love.

Is it your size?  Does it fit?

No matter the circumstances, if something is no longer your size, you shouldn’t keep it. Unfortunately, I had too many laundry-shrunk clothes in the past that I’ve held on too because I actually loved them. But what good will they do now? The lessons to learn are to stop buying low-quality clothes that shrink easily and to take better care of them.

Does it flatter you?

Even if the item is your size, you should consider if it looks great on you. Our appearance is not the most important thing in life by a long shot, but we do tend to feel insecure in clothes that don’t flatter us. It’s time to always feel great no matter what you choose to wear.

Did you wear it in the past year? 

Another crucial question. If you haven’t worn an item in the past year, it doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. try putting it in front of your wardrobe, and if you don’t reach for it, it has to go in the next decluttering session.

Please try to donate or recycle the fabrics instead of throwing them away and creating waste.

If you need more help with learning how to declutter – I offer this FREE course! It’s 7 days of decluttering, the first day being your wardrobe! The course is super specific steps for how to approach decluttering and how to overcome obstacles.

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How To Shop?

This is a crucial part of maintaining a minimalist wardrobe. No more carelessly shopping for items we don’t need because it’s on sale.
Having a minimalist wardrobe and maintaining its minimalism can require you to have a whole new approach. Every purchase needs to go through this process. At the beginning, it’s a little stiff, but after a few times it will come naturally – I promise!

Shop for specific occasions.

If you can’t think of where you will wear something – you shouldn’t get it. You need to know exactly the situation in which you will wear your item. When I buy a white dress, I need to list in my head all the places I will wear it to. If I can’t picture the situation I won’t get it, no matter how “cute” it is.

Shop for something that goes with other things you already have. 

Similar principal to the previous, you should be able to imagine the new item with other items you already have. For example, don’t buy a skirt that you need to buy a special top and shoes for.
At the beginning, when you still won’t have your basic capsule wardrobe down, you might find yourself still purchasing “stand alone” items. But with time, you should adjust new items to the ones you already own.

Shop when you’re missing something specific.

If you’re getting dresses and feel like you’re missing something specific in your outfit, you can consider getting it. The rule is that you should feel it at least 3 times. I needed long sleeved black T-shirts for the longest time. They were a great basic that I didn’t have and every time I tried an outfit, I wished I had that kind of shirt.

 Try to shop online. 

This can be tricky, that’s why I’m suggesting to try it. When I needed a black T-shirt, I went to the site of my favorite store, types “black Tee” and just got one that looked good! If I would have gone to a store, I might have been tempted to go into more stores and purchase more items. Shopping online is quick and has fewer distractions. It might be tricky because online you actually see a lot more items, but if you’re focused, you should only look for the one you NEED.

Focus on quality basics.

Quality is the name of the game. Once you’ve purchased a good quality basic, you won’t have to re-purchase it again and again.

How To Keep Clothes For a Longer Time?

Read the label.

The labels will tell you how to take care of your clothes.

Even if the clothes were cheap, take good care of them. 

We tend to “disrespect” cheap clothes, so we don’t read the label, we throw it in the dryer and we let it sit in a mess instead of hung properly. That’s the reason we keep buying more and more cheap clothes and “never have enough money for quality”.

Don’t be lazy.

If you get a stain, treat it immediately. When you get home, fold your clothes neatly and don’t just throw them away. Being lazy will wear out your clothes much quicker.

Search what you don’t know.

Nowadays there’s a solution for every problem, including unfamiliar stains on clothes. Don’t just throw it in the wash and hope for the best, search for a proper solution for each situation.

minimalist wardrobe

So, you’ve decluttered, you’ve shopped for basics, and you’re going to take good care of your minimalist wardrobe! 

That’s the basics of maintaining a minimalist wardrobe. it’s fun to look at capsule wardrobe ideas on Pinterest, but it’s more important to maintain the basic idea of minimalism! 

I hope you found good advice and tips in this post 🙂 

To read more about 10 simple minimalist steps you can start today for an easier life click here.

I would love to hear if there are any recommendations I didn’t include that you think will be beneficial! 


Free Course! Declutter Your Entire Home In 7 Days! 🙂

Get this free 7 day e-course to make your life easier!
This is a step by step guide that goes through each room.

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  1. I DONT LIKE A LOT OF STUFF SO I AM ALL FOR THE MINIMALIST WARDROBE!!!! I do have “a lot” of clothes though, however…. I wear them all! And if I buy anything new, I have to get rid of something I don’t wear as much anymore!

  2. I hate shopping for myself. Therefore i am a natural minimalist with my own clothes lol. I do need to shop for some new pants soon i hust had a few pairs rip from being warn to much ha

  3. Wonderful tips! We regularly go through our clothes, and just this past weekend went through every room and closet in the house for our community garage sale next weekend, including all of our clothes!

  4. Thanks for the tips there.. My wardrobe is overflowing right now and this is going to help me so much

  5. What a timely read for some spring closet cleaning~
    I’ve been trying to observe and practice minimalism in all aspects of my lifestyle and would like to start incorporating that into my closet as well. While I don’t go shopping often, I feel as though my wardrobe are lacking the actual essentials..

  6. This are amazing tips! I need to do defiantly need to work on my wardrobe!

  7. These are great tips. Thank you so much for this information. That is so helpful.

  8. Oh this was such a good read! I am a big hoarder **guilty**
    Trying to clean out stuff and keep only good quality versatile stuff now on 🙂

  9. Those are good ideas. I know my daughter has heard a lot about upcycling of clothing and trying to make new unique pieces out of older pieces. I try to encourage her to do things like that.

  10. I cleaned out my closet hoard some months back and it was the best thing I ever did. I had trash bags full of clothes I didn’t like or wear, to donate. I love knowing that everything in my closet are pieces that fit and that I love. xoxo

  11. Decluttering is something I have never really been that great at, but this is the time of the year I do it. I definitely need to go through my wardrobe.

  12. This is something I really need! I absolutely need to declutter my wardrobe – I’m going to save this for later.

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