10 Simple Minimalism Tips For a Stress Free Lifestyle

Minimalism doesn’t have to be intimidating. Minimalism is a great way to have less stress, and have more freedom. 

All of the following tips can be easily incorporated in your life. Even if you choose to try only a few, I guaranty it will improve your life.

minimalist lifestyle tips ideas

1. Clear Counter Spaces

This tip is more about space real-estate. I found that when I kept most of my stuff inside cabinets I felt more free.
when I have a clear space I have a clear mind. Not having to look at endless amounts of unnecessary stuff will reduce your need in them as well. 

I started by putting most kitchen appliances in drawers and cabinets. 

For example, it’s easy to leave the toaster outside but when you know its place is inside you’ll even clean it before, thus cleaning much more often. 

Start with the kitchen and bathroom and move on to clear your dressers, desk, vanity etc.

2. Designated Areas

Being organized enough to know where everything is will help with not buying more of the same. 

Try to have a specific place for each item in your house. 

For example, I put all of the reusable food containers in one cabinet and have them sort by size. Now I always know what I have and I don’t feel a need to buy extras.

3. Stop Buying Doubles

Sometimes even though I know I don’t need something, I just WANT to buy. 

Advertising companies will have you believe that you need this “special” object or they will just do a lot to make you want it. Sometimes it works even on the extreme minimalists. 

Try your best to be aware of what you already have, what you don’t really need and what is essential.

For example, you don’t need more than one black t-shirt or 300 decorative pillows for each season & holiday. 

4. Capsule Wardrobe

This might seem like a trend that is used by high priced brands, but at it’s core it’s a great way to get dressed. It will save you time and money. 

What is a capsule wardrobe? essentially it’s having key quality pieces that are classy, timeless and can serve you every week for a long time. Little black dress included. 

There’s many bloggers and youtubers with different approaches focusing on what you should have in your capsule wardrobe. A quick search and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect fit for you. 

This is not about encouraging you to go on a shopping spree and buy everything some article about capsule wardrobes tells you to buy. 

This is about being aware to what you have in your wardrobe, which picese you use, which you don’t. 

For example, Next time you go shopping, only get something that goes with something else you have! Also, something that can serve you all the time.

Before dismissing it, you should read this article: The Lie of an Edited Wardrobe. It will give you some food for thought.

minimalism wardrobe minimalist closet
Keep it simple.

5. Quality Over Anything

Quality lasts more and creates less waste. By no means do I tell you to spend all of your money on a designer black T-shirt. 

But really, how many times did you buy a cheap black T-shirt just to buy another one not so long after? 

Try to educate yourself how to recognize the subtle differences between quality and cheap. Sawing or gluing, fabric blends or real fabric and more factors will tell you if this piece will last for long.

For example, I used my gym shoes for years. I invested in a high quality pair, and it lasted for a longer time. 

6. Fix, Don’t Rebuy

Fixing may seem like it takes more time but it will save money and help the environment.

Hyper consumerist society will teach you that buying new is the easiest choice, But thinking of all the things you have thrown away during the years should cause a little discomfort. 

The comforting thing is that it’s not too late and every small change will help.
Eventually you decide and you can Make your choices. Choose what is worth fixing for you.

For example, I have one beach dress that I love and have been wearing for years. I already sewed the trims several times when it was torn. (well, my mom sewed it, not me. lol) 

7. Reusable Everything

Go through things that only serve you once and look for more options. I always find new solutions and things I had no idea exist. Try taking actions towards alternating to reusable products. 

For example, instead of plastic ziplock’s you can use reusable fabric bags.

8. Natural Personal Care (skin and hair)

Many natural sources can be of use in your day to day routine. 

Buying the entire lush store is tempting, but unnecessary! There are more products today than actual problems they solve. 

If you choose to use home-made or a natural solution, you will save money and help the environment. The biggest bonus is that it’s probably more healthy than shelf products.

For example, you can use coconut oil as a moisturizer, make up remover, hair masks and so much more. Many blogs will give great tips on how to use plain products you probably already have in many ways.

9. Budget Your Expenses

Having limits with money is important in every lifestyle. 

When you keep track on what your’e spending you become more aware of your habits and can decide where you can cut. 

For example, I listed important things to track for success and the most important one is finance. Click here to learn how to track it correctly. 

For example, an amazing blog and youtube channel that I love is “The financial diet”. It’s a great way to start small with budgeting and being aware to your expanses. 


10. Meal Planing

Preparing for the week in advance will not only help you save food, it will also make you eat healthier – which is always a bonus! 

Write down what you plan to eat during the week before you go grocery shopping. Include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. List the ingredients you need for each meal and separate the things you already have (oil, spices, rice etc). 

If theres anything you need little of and the groceries market only have in bulk, be creative about keeping it lasting for longer. 

For example, you can freeze herbs like parsley in ice cubes and thaw when needed. 

It’s important to be real with yourself about what you will eat. Don’t over shop in fear you will run out – there’s always the option to buy more later.

Bonus Step 🙂 
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Implementing even one of those tips is a big step towards a stress-free lifestyle. I Hope you’ll find inspiration to try minimalism for yourselves. Good luck 🙂 

I would love to hear if you see yourself using any of these tips and what do you do that helps you be a minimalist?



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  1. Yes to every single one of these! We have been really working on creating less waste in our home, and have started on a lot of these items. I can’t stand anything on the counter (or any surface) and everything in my home has a place. I’ve been meal-planning for years and it really helps save time, money, and food!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! It’s great you use these methods as well, they make life easier!
      – Narkis

  2. I’m not necessarily trying to be a minimalist, but I definitely try my best to not buy stuff that I know I do not need. I like to go to a store and simply go and find what I need and nothing more. And I do reuse and fix stuff all the time because I’m sustainable conscientious so I got that going for me. Thanks for the post!

    1. Hey Gabbie, it’s great to hear you’re a conscientious shopper! We should all do our part. I actually don’t consider myself as a minimalist as well, but I do take actions that are considered minimalist, like you.
      – Narkis

  3. I would have to agree that clearing the counters is a big one. I just did that in my kitchen!

    1. Hey Nikki, isn’t it so much better with the counter space being clear? 🙂
      – Narkis

  4. YES! I so need to go through my closet and clean it out. Some I’ll donate and some I’ll try selling on Poshmark to get a little money back

    1. Hey Arielle, it’s great to hear that!
      – Narkis

  5. I had to learn quality over quantity. I am a thrift shopper but learned buying better quality lasts longer so now I just look for awesome sales. I also like your meal plan tip. I do that and it helps a ton

    1. Hey Ashley, finding good quality at reasonable prices is not always easy, but it’s the best in every aspect. It’s great to hear you’re making that effort! We should all do that.
      Ever since I plan my meals, I almost never waste food! 🙂
      – Narkis

  6. I’m happy to say I do do a few of these. I may not get to complete minimalist status but i’ll fairly close. I also try to teach my kids how to utilize what we have, take better care of what we have and live and appreciate what we do have.

    1. Hey Rose, I’m not even close to minimalist status lol. But I try 🙂
      It’s amazing you teach your kids to take these actions and lessons!
      – Narkis

  7. Oh boy, this post is everything I am not, sigh! I seriously should start with a capsule wardrobe I think.

    xx, Kusum

    1. Hey Kusum, these steps are easier than they seem. I used to accumulate everything, every little action helps.
      Don’t feel pressure to change your wardrobe. Next time you shop, think if these clothes will match the rest of your wardrobe, if they can be worn with several different items and to what occasion will you wear them.
      That’s what I do and it helps!
      – Narkis

  8. I am going to try the capsule wardrobe! I have heard so much about it!!!

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