How To Make Decluttering & Organizing a Fun Activity!

make declutter fun

Lately I have been extremely busy and traveled a lot so clutter accumulated in all parts of my home. It was time to do some decluttering again. I had to organize my wardrobe, adjust it to winter, organize the cabinets of my kitchen and those food boxes all over the place and much more. It wasn’t a total mess, however there was a lot to get done. 

Finding motivation to tackle more than one area without losing hope though, wasn’t easy. Eventually, I noticed there are a few things that help me go through these boring tasks and actually having fun. I’ve listed them here for you to find some inspiration to start decluttering right now, good luck! 

fun decluttering small space
This might be the best solution for clutter

1. Music

There’s nothing I love better than having some crazy loud music to the point you can’t hear my bad singing. Music has a special kind of magic that makes time fly by without you even noticing. 
Crank up those tunes and have a dance-off with yourself and your clutter. This is a no brainer but it makes every mundane activity in to so much fun! Make a playlist of your favorite songs and sing to your heart’s content.

Can’t listen to your regular favorite songs every-time? here are some ideas:

Great music will defiantly motivate you to get up and start being active and take initiative. 

2. What Are Friends For?

For help, obviously. Make decluttering a group activity by asking your partner or a friend to help or just hang out while you declutter. I have a friend who makes fun of me that every time she comes by I clean the kitchen haha. I can’t help it, while I’m taking I don’t even notice I’m organizing and cleaning. If you’re good at multi-tasking you might like this option.

3. Have A Try-On

We all know that scene from the SATC movie – Carrie is facing all of her old fashion choices to get rid of clothes. So, her friends come to the rescue and are having a try-on in order to decide what to keep. It’s hilarious but it’s a very good way to have some fun, get to know old clothing you might fall in love with again and recognize those to part with.

fun decluttering friends try on
See? You're having fun decluttering already

4. Cocktail Hour

A glass of red wine is doctor recommended! The picture above just goes to show you that a glass of champagne is welcomed in every situation! You might not want to drink more then one glass since you will probably end up creating more clutter. 

Decluttering is adulting, and adulting is important. 

5. Listen To A Podcast

Not sure if this will consider as fun, but at least you will be efficient! Using a certain time for multiple ways will make you feel so successful. An audio book helps you being more passive while you can actually learn new information, take a new skill or better yourself. There are endless terrific audio books for each individual and absolutely no reason not to give it a try. You even have a 30 day free membership trial. Download a book and start organizing.

6. Netflix Show In The Background

If you insist in only being efficient at one task at a time, then watching a show while completing tasks is a great way of passing the time. I like putting reruns of friends in the background when I clean the kitchen or organizing the living room. That way I enjoy the jokes, but because I already know the show, I don’t have to pay too much attention. You can also fold your clothes while watching a show. If you make all the laundry loads at a certain day of the week, you can adjust it to the day your favorite show has a new episode! Arn’t you already exited for folding clothes? 😉

7. Take Before & After Photos

Having a “before” picture and then see the huge progress you’ve made is very satisfying. Looking at the differences between the stages will make you very proud. You can send the pictures to your family and friends to be proud of you as well. 

Next time you’ll need to declutter and organize you’ll have those pictures to encourage yourself with your own past projects. 

8. Get Inspiration

It’s time to stop browsing half-numb on Pinterest and actually use the almost-impossibly beautiful pictures as inspiration for your own projects. 
When you feel extra sluggish it helps to look at other people declutter, organize and clean. You can watch youtubers clean or look at Pinterest for pictures of organized spaces. 

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decluttering wardrobe
My biggest organization project

Being organized is actually not that hard, and the gratification of having a beautiful and clear space is totally worth it. There is always a way to stop being lazy or afraid from the mess and actually have the task done. It’s only a matter of how much fun you can have while completing boring-looking tasks. I actually love laundry because I have a great excuse to sit in-front of Youtube videos for a while. 

I hope this post made you look at chores with different eyes! So get up and go conquer a project in your home, you will feel great after 🙂 Good luck! 


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  1. Before and after shots would atleast make me feel or show me if I accomplished anything. Having friends over to pass on clothes sounds like a great get together

  2. Music is essential for me! I have a playlist on spotify called “cleaning” that is reserved for doing chores. It is all fun upbeat music to keep me moving through it. I love to organize, so it isn’t usually an issue, but folding the laundry is the worst for me!

  3. hehe such a fun post! I never did stuff like this with friends growing up, only really saw it in movies

  4. I love the try on with friends. I have done that a couple times with friends and it’s always a blast!

  5. Music definitely helps me get into the groove of cleaning! I’ve found that once I start, I can’t stop until I’ve made it through the whole house!

  6. I love blasting music and organizing. It gives me the motivation to just go!

  7. Love these tips especially numbers three and seven! Spring is around the corner and decluttering is on my to-do list!

  8. I needed this post ..such a good read. My house is in a mess…thanks for the ideas..will try to implement.

  9. Music is a must when I’m cleaning!
    The help of friends is always handy when you need to decide what needs to go. It’s helpful to make different outfits whit several pieces so ypu don’t keep holdjng on to clothes that you don’t wear.

  10. Organizing is my favorite! It’s so relaxing!! I could honestly organize all day long!!

  11. Now these are some great ideas next time I declutter and organize my room and closet. It seems like I organize my room every two weeks. Listening to music has to be my favorite idea.

  12. Now you see its the trying things on that get me in trouble because then I get off task lol I love SATC

  13. These are all great ideas! I definitely have to be in the mood, and good music sure helps me!

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