Free Printable 2018 Calendar

I created this free printable 2018 calendar for everybody to enjoy and get serious about organizing their year!

free printable 2018 calendar

In order to actually achieve my new year’s resolutions I need to do my favorite thing! Get organized. 

Setting deadlines is a very efficient way to finish tasks on the way to success and having a calendar is an important thing to have for that. 

This year I decided to create my own printable calendar. I didn’t want to print too much color but still wanted the pages to be interesting and fun. So I created a coloring version that will be as beautiful untouched. 

I also left enough space to actually write! I see a lot of beautiful designs that are simply too small and I’m bummed because I love tracking and writing down things!

So I hope you’ll find this cute minimalist design fun as I do. 

calendar 2018 january

I find coloring so relaxing! And sometimes when you schedule things… you need that relaxation 😉 

colored 2018 calendar pages

Need Ideas for stuff to write on these cuties? I’ve got you. Click here for a list of things to track & follow monthly.

Download the free printable 2018 calendar and use it to get organized and successful this year.

Let me know if you like the design! I would love to use it for more types of printable’s in the future. For notes, specific tracking, etc. 

Enjoy! 🙂 


When you download the file, you’ll have to unzip it in order to access all 12 PDF files. 
If you don’t receive the email with the freebie, check all folders. If you still can’t find it, please write to me and I’ll send you the file.

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  1. You have made such a cute calendars. I prefer more planner, as a student I have use calendar like this. It’s so much fun that you can color it 🙂

    1. Students need to track the most haha! I hope you’ll find these useful!
      – Narkis

  2. What a cute calendar! If I didn’t already have my day planner and a wall calendar my boys made at school I would definitely be printing this. Simple, yet effective!!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie!
      – Narkis

  3. Great job, these are really cute calendars. Coloring can be therapeutic, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Marjie!
      – Narkis

  4. I use these! Saw it on insta a few days ago and did it! I color at working while on the phone! It’s SUCH a great idea!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I also love to color while I’m on the phone.
      – Narkis

  5. I can’t believe it is already 2018 and the 2nd month! Now this looks like a fun printable calendar. I’d enjoy the coloring!

    1. I know! Time flies by. Thank you for the comment, I hope you’ll enjoy this 🙂
      – Narkis

  6. These calendars are great! I love this idea. I’ll have to print a few out

    1. Thank you, Danielle! 🙂
      – Narkis

  7. I absolutely love the printable calendar that you have here! I definitely need one of these.

    1. Thank you, Deb. I hope you’ll find these useful.
      – Narkis

  8. Honestly so pretty and really useful! Will definitely need to print out – thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jazmin!
      – Narkis

  9. Such pretty calendars! I love printables, can’t wait to add these to my collection 🙂

  10. oo what a fun idea! finally an actual use for pretty coloring pages!

  11. It does sound like something which could be useful. I have a coworker who lives by calendars, but he does them all online. I know they can be so useful. I need to consider using them more.

  12. I love the pattern on these!! I’m a die hard planner now, I don’t think I’d get everything done in life if I didn’t.

  13. Coloring books are a huge thing over here. I love how with your beautiful calendars I can have two fantastic tools in one! Your calendar looks awesome!

  14. Oh this calendar is so cute! I will definitely have this for my new calendar collection.

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