Decluttering: 10 Steps To Clear Even The Biggest Mess

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This is the season of decluttering! well, it’s always this season in my book… But, I left my mom’s home a few years ago and haven’t stayed here in the last 3 years. During jewish holidays season I spent 6 weeks here and decided it’s time to clear out… well, everything! 
It wasn’t easy since I had many things from years and years of pilling stuff up. Basically, a huge mess. 
These are the steps I followed for a relatively quick organization: 

1. Start with the closet

Assuming this is the biggest section to organize like in my case, it’s better tackled first.
I recommend taking everything out as I find it easier but if you don’t have the space then you can start from taking things out one at a time.

A closet that haven't been touched for 3 years

2. Decide what you won’t use

This is very simple! Just put aside what you like from your old clothing. That’s it. Consider adjusting clothes that doesn’t fit or can be of different use with some creativity. 

3. Separate donation from unusable

Now that you established what you won’t keep you can pack your things for donation. But before you do that, take out the things that are unusable. If something has holes in it or it’s completely worn out, it’s unusable. Find if you have the option to recycle the fabrics as it will be the best thing to do. If not, it’s time to throw it away.

Separating clothes and shoes

4. Empty drawers and categorize

After packing everything for donation it’s time for the dark side. The drawers. I’m not going to lie, I was scared. I decided to empty them completely and see everything in front of me. Then I started grouping related items together into categories – Jewelry, cosmetics, papers, notes, cards etc. 
categorizing before throwing away was easier for me because I had to concentrate on a few similar items at a time. 
If it’s easier for you, you can divide your objects at the end of sorting them out. 

5. If it’s expired it’s in the trash 

It sounds like I’m talking about milk, but cosmetics has an expiration date and research has showed old cosmetics will damage your skin. If your’e like me and haven’t even seen these things in years – it’s safe to say they’re spoiled. 

6. Get rid of anything you don’t need or won’t use 

If you followed step 4, you now have other things to get rid of besides cosmetics. Plastic jewelry, souvenirs, birthday cards, etc. Iv’e listed 16 things to get rid of here

7. Toss high school papers 

I’ll be honest, I loved my high school notebooks. I kept them for years knowing they have no use anymore. It seemed like a waste of knowledge (and hard work making headlines beautiful). But nope, I will never read them again, the information written is so limited to tests anyway. 
With the notebooks goes the books as well. If you can’t sell or pass them then please recycle the paper. 

8. Look inside bags 

If I would not have found disgusting things in one of my old bags this wouldn’t be a step on this list. But I did, so… Check your bags before you decide to use them or throw them. 

9. Clear Counters 

I kept very few of my old objects and since I already categorized them earlier, I simply organized them neatly back in the drawers. I cleared my vanity and night stand. What I left outside the drawers are things I use daily. 

My old vanity with only the things I use daily

10. Put everything in place

Well, If you reached this far and finished your project then this is the rewarding part. seeing everything organized and beautiful. 


I hope my tips were helpful and would love to hear from you! Did you go through the steps and how was clearing out finally? 


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