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The more I write about organizing, the more I’m convinced decluttering is the first step to be organized. The most important step as well. If you want to declutter your entire home, you should know it’s not a simple task at all. But it’s defiantly worth it in the long run. The benefits are endless.

declutter your entire home

I don’t consider myself a minimalist, but I do always strive to live a clutter free life. So I use minimalist actions. I don’t shop for things I don’t need, and often I go through storage space in my home and review my belongings. 

When something is out of use, I find it a better home. Either with friends or I donate it. The important thing is that I don’t let it clutter the space I live in and I don’t let junk accumulate in my home.

After receiving so many positive feedbacks on my “how to start minimalism” post, I really wanted to help further the process! 

I created a 7 day e-course that will go in-depth on how to declutter your entire home. 

These are specific steps to take and items to get rid of. 

The course should also help you to go through the emotional attachment we all have to our belongings. 

But first, why would you even want to declutter your entire home?

I love this quote. You should live in a home, not in a warehouse. 

Especially now that I’m working mainly from home, I can’t live in a messy environment. It leads me to waste time on looking for things, organizing and cleaning. 
You know how much dust there is in Vegas? A LOT! If my counter space was filled with clutter it would have taken me years to clean it. 

I want to live in a clean and organized space. One I feel that I thrive in. 

What will you get in the course? 

A step by step in depth guide to declutter each room in your home: 

  • Bedroom 
  • Closet
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Living area
In each space, I listed specific items you should get rid of and instructions on how to find them. It’s super simple so you won’t have to over think it. 
I also tell my personal stories on how I overcame emotional attachment. I explain how I threw away things that “I’ll use one day” but never did because I didn’t love them.
We all have emotional attachment to items. But at the end of the day they are just stuff if they don’t serve us. 
I encourage you to try and take this course, and see if decluttering is helping you as much as it does me. 

What if you’re too busy? 

Not a problem! 

Put your alarm clock for 15-30 minutes and start the process. Once the alarm goes off, put the things you keep back in place and leave it. Go through all the 7days like that and start the process all over again the following week. 

This routine will also help you with not getting overwhelmed on the first day and completely stop decluttering.

Are you ready to start? 

Great! Just sign up with your email address and you’re all set.

I hope this course will truly help you and make a positive change in your life. 

If you have any questions or comments, please share them with me, I would love to hear and answer!

Free Course! Declutter Your Entire Home In 7 Days! 🙂

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  1. That is something that I am definitely signing for. I have stuff that I did not know I have. I can’t wait to learn more.

    1. Thank you, Marjie. I’ll be writing more on decluttering soon 🙂
      – Narkis

  2. I have a house that has been described as lived in which probably means somewhat cluttered. I need to get hints on how to declutter but I know some of the things I can do to look a little less lived in but any tips will be helpful.

    1. Hey Melissa, lived in and some clutter is fine. This is course focuses sometimes on the things we don’t even think we need to declutter. I hope you’ll find useful hints in it! 🙂
      – Narkis

  3. Sending this to my Mother ASAP! She loves decluttering, and spring cleaning is calling her name!

    1. Hey Alice, I hope your mom will find this useful! It was hard to make my mom declutter her house lol.
      – Narkis

  4. I have to go through my stuff about once a month. I can’t stand clutter and somehow junk accumulates so fast when you have kids lol.

    1. Hey Danielle, me too! I’m like a mad person throwing away things all the time lol. I can’t even imagine the clutter you get with kids.
      – Narkis

  5. Awesome! I am always going through the house and decluttering all the rooms. It happens at least once a month!

    1. Hey Stephanie, that’s great to hear 🙂 It’s the best thing to do.
      – Narkis

  6. What an amazing course! I definitely need to declutter a few things in my life!


    1. Thank you, April! 🙂
      – Narkis

    2. Thank you, April! It’s nice to hear. 🙂
      – Narkis

  7. I hate clutter! I like neat and tidy home and I am always getting rid of things I do not wear or use anymore. Your course sounds good though, I will be downloading!

    1. Thank you, Lucy! I would love to hear your opinion when you’re done!! Tell me if it helped you 🙂
      – Narkis

  8. These are some seriously awesome tips! Especially after the holidays, I get so worked up over how much clutter there is in the house!

    1. Thank you, Tonya! There’s always something to declutter haha… The holidays do create a lot of clutter.
      – Narkis

  9. I definitely need to put these things into practice. I could really use a reduce of the clutter at my place. I need it.

    1. Hey David, decluttering is not easy. I hope my tips will help 🙂
      – Narkis

  10. I NEED THIS COURSE! Although, I have actually been getting a lot better at getting rid of SHIT! hahaahah! My husband has taught me that I don’t need bills from uhhhh 7 years ago! haahahahahha!

    1. Hey Gigi, good to hear you’ve been decluttering! I actually go through how to stop accumulate papers like bills in your house! 🙂 I hope this will help you!
      – Narkis

  11. It’s a great time to start decluttering to get ready for Spring! Can’t wait to dive into the course.

    1. Hey Christina, spring is a great time for decluttering! 🙂 I hope you’ll find the course useful.
      – Narkis

  12. I’ve been in a major “nesting” phase, as I am 34 weeks pregnant. Definitely need to print these off!

    1. Hey Abigail, congratulations! 🙂 I hope the course will help.
      – Narkis

  13. I really need to declutter the bedrooms in my house. Especially my bedroom. I took over the entire closet in my bedroom and I still ran out of space to store all my clothes and shoes because I am such a fashion addict.

    1. Hey Glenda, decluttering is hard when you love clothes, I know lol. But you can still have more than enough clothes but no clutter! 🙂 My course go through everything you don’t need or don’t love. I explain how to find these items as well! I hope you’ll find it useful.
      – Narkis

  14. organization is something i am crazy about, If things are not organized , i can’t function then. singing up, Would love to read more, Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Sonali! I hope you’ll find my course helpful! When you’re done decluttering, I write about organizing and my favorite tips if you’d like to check it out 🙂
      – Narkis

  15. Great course! And honestly, who couldn’t use some de-cluttering around their house? I know I will totally benefit from your instruction.

    1. Thank you, Chrissy! I hope you’ll find it useful.
      – Narkis

  16. We both hate clutter. Honestly, since we moved into our new house, there are still a few rooms with boxes. Spring cleaning is when I’ll be doing a whole house declutter.

  17. Oh I love decluttering! Last year I went on a decluttering binge and it was the best thing I ever did. I’m signing up for this because I think it’s time for me to declutter again.

  18. I love that this is a free ecourse. Everyone could use a little help decluttering their home.

  19. This is amazing for a free course! Clutter is the bane of my existence…

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