17 Winter Clothing Hacks

winter clothing hacks

I have to admit, I hate the winter. It’s freezing, you can barely leave home, no beach days, no good strawberries… Why bother.

I come from a relatively hot climate and California’s winter is more than enough for me. So living in Vegas has defiantly had me facing reality and find some creative solutions to the cold weather. Yes, it’s pretty much always sunny here but it does get zero Celsius, dry and super windy. 
These are some of the things I use to keep warm, I hope it will help you as well.

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1. Transparent stockings under black sheer ones

If you want to wear a cute dress or a skirt but it’s an absolutely freezing winter, there’s a solution! Before wearing black stockings or tights, wear nude ones as well. that way it will seem as your skin is showing. But actually, you will be warm and cozy. 

2. Hairspray on tights

This simple tip will prevent you from having static electricity and help keep things off of you.

3. Double socks (or leg warmers)

If you have boots with a little extra space, you can always wear leg warmers on top of your socks. They won’t be visible and you’ll have a cute, stylish addition to your outfit.

4. Over the knee socks with winter booties.

For a simple over the knee boots look you can simply add socks. A black pair with some black leather booties will elongate and slim the leg while costing very little.

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5. Layering is not just an overused tip
 for winter

Well, I mean… layering? In winter? Who would have thunk? But in all seriousness, here are a few tips for good layering: 

* If the shirt you’re wearing is closed, then it should be the longest. For example – a closed chambray and a shorter sweater on top of it. 

* If the items are open, it should be a short tank top, then a longer flannel and then a longer vest or coat. 

* Combine a light cardigan and vest. I didn’t like vests because I was still cold but adding that cardigan will add warmth and look cohesive at the same time.

6. Tank tops\ Bodysuits

I am so used to wear tank tops under everything, including t-shirts, it’s ridiculous. But it will definitely make a difference in warmth. Instead of throwing on a sweater, wear a tank top or a bodysuit first. It will preserve your body heat, prevent cold from reaching your skin. For extra warmth use a thermic, long sleeved, skin tight shirt.

7. Beeswax for shoes

You might have seen this tip all over, but it will still work wonders on a rainy day. You can actually use any type of wax on your shoes and simply use a blow drier to remove the white “stains”. Your shoes will look exactly the same but you will be protected from unexpected puddles.

8. Waterproof leather jacket 

A raincoat is sometimes a no-go. But our leather or faux leather won’t protect us from the climate. That’s why you should waterproof your jacket with just a few simple steps.

Further read: Waterproof leather jackets.

9. Newspapers to dry wet shoes

They will soak up all the humidity so you won’t have to. This hack will save you time and probably your shoes.

10. Itchy winter sweaters

Itching yourself to death while freezing? Although it sounds lovely, I’d rather not. A little work will fix that problem for you too.

* Soak the sweater with cold water and three tablespoons of vinegar for about 15 minutes. 

* Gently apply hair conditioner to all parts of the sweater and leave it for 30 minutes. 

* Rinse the sweater without stretching it or squeezing it. Leave it to dry.

* Finally, place the sweater in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer for one night.
This will help soften the fibers so it will cause less irritation.

11. Moisturizer and gloves.

Harsh cold winter weather dries up the skin completely. In order to have smooth skin, apply lotion before putting on your gloves. This hack will help soak in the moisture and keep you feeling great longer.

Bonus hack – use lotion on your feet and put on socks before you go to bed. you will wake up moisturized.

12. Multi wear scarves

Instead of having to buy different scarves sizes, colors, and prints, you should get a neutral scarf that can be worn in multiple ways. I like to have a dark scarf and a light one for endless options of outfits. 

Related: 13 super stylish ways to wear a scarf.

13. Blanket scarves

You woke up, you’re freezing and you can’t think of what to wear? Grab everything black for a monochromatic look and add a patterned blanket scarf. This hack is perfect for an unorganized morning when you want to look fashionable and also stay cozy.

14. Flip your cardigans

This hack is for the days you have to refresh your wardrobe but don’t want to buy anything new. Use your cardigans upside down – simply turn them and put your right arm in the left sleeve. This won’t work with all cardigans but it can defiantly create a cool vibe to your outfit. From a long simple cardigan, you can create a cropped flowey one.

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15. Touchscreen gloves

This is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s life-changing. I hate having to remove my gloves to answer my phone, and now I don’t have to. These cool tech gloves will give you the ability to use your phone and not drop body temperatures.

16. Lined leggings

leggings that are lined
… mmm… Feeling cozy already. Throw away those paper thin leggings aside and get a super warm pair for this winter.

17. Hot feet socks

Your feet are very important in keeping a high body temperature. That’s why you need Thermal and thick insulated socks. They are guaranteed to warm you. 

Winter Newyork
Freezing in New York at Carrie Bradshaw's

My favorite winter tip? LEAVE! I always try to travel to warmer destinations during the off season. Refreshing my vitamin D supplies.
If you are considering the option, then read more about my trip to Cabo San Lucas. 

What are some of your hacks to get through winter? 


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